ISIS Islamists release corporate-style annual report

Warlords from extremist group ISIS have released a “Terror ­Incorporated” annual report, which details the horrifying extent of their reign over huge swathes of the Middle East.

The chilling document, called al-Naba, or “the news”, reads like a company report for investors, but instead of sales figures and projections, it boasts of bloody murder and terrorism.

It shows how in just two years al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – has captured large parts of Iraq and Syria and “taxed” local communities millions of pounds to fund its murderous trade.

The report emerged as the militants celebrated another victory when they smashed into Iraq’s largest oil refinery at Baiji, north of Baghdad. It could make the terror network more millions.

A senior security source said last night: “This group is growing by the day and the document is truly astonishing in that it shows a level of organisation previously unseen.

“This is the most ruthless, mobile, powerful and well-funded terrorist organisation the world has ever seen.

“The implications of this group holding ground and earning so much money is terrifying.

“Even the intelligence community is wondering what will emerge from Isis – they keep surprising the world with their achievements and thus far have not received any major blows.

“Forget al-Qaeda. Isis is now the biggest and fastest-growing terror network and leaves bin Laden’s ­organisation in its wake.”

Last month we exposed how ISIS had been selling stolen oil to Bashar al-Assad’s brutal regime in Syria.

via ISIS Islamists release corporate-style annual report into their reign of terror in Middle East – Mirror Online.

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